his only daughter episode 21
A Must Read Love Story

[US Conference Room]

“If you’ll excuse me, I would love to use the restroom.”  Angel said with an indian accent standing up “ok, go ahead” Richard(The US president)  gave his permission; she left.

[phone rings]


Richard (The US president) picked the call moving away a little bit from the meetings’ scene.

“Hello” Richard said over the phone. “I’m so sorry Richard that I couldn’t make it to the conference. My jet crashed and I’m at the hospital as we speak; it was only a miracle that I and my guards survived the crash.” The Indian president apologized over the phone. “What do you mean Priya?” the president asked with all smiles finding her words funny. “what I mean is I won’t be able to make it to the conference anymore” “ Priya can you quit pulling a prank on me? you left here not long ago; you were going to use the restroom; right?” he asked still finding it funny. “ Richard I’m not at the conference, I told you before; my jet crashed and I’m still at the hospital. All of my men are seriously injured and…” “so, if you didn’t make it to the conference, who then was that woman sitting…” he asked in a low tone looking serious this time as he turned slowly to look at the spot angel was sitting. “I’ll call you back Priya, there’s something important I need to attend to right now.” he said hurriedly in a hoarse voice as he hung up. He rushed towards the table, hitting the alarm immediately to alert all securities.  Some came running towards the meeting arena; everywhere became rowdy. “An imposter is about to leave this building make sure to look out for her. She disguised herself as the Indian president; I need you all to stay alert” he ordered over the walkie talkie. He gave a hand signal to one his guard who rushed immediately towards him “get enough securities together lock every gate, do not allow anyone out of this building” “got it sir!” the guard said as he rushed off. “what is going on Richard?” the german president asked looking surprised and confused. “Can you believe that Priya was never here?” “then who was that woman sitting at her spot? Cause she looks exactly like Priya.” “I don’t know.” he said shaking his head, then something struct his mind “I just hope it’s not what I’m thinking.” he said like he realized something. “and what is it?” the German president asked “Could it be that Angel was here earlier? no! this can’t be” he shook his head hitting the alarm again “All men stay alert, I think angel is in the building, do not allow, I repeat, do not allow anyone go through that gate!” he ordered over the walkie talkie again.

All securities were going round the building, searching for angel.


“Angel, you need to get out of there now!, I think the president found us out.” Ramon whispered over the headphone making his way to the secret room as planned.

Richard turned to look at the particular spot angel’s bodyguards were standing but couldn’t find any of them. “shit!” he threw the book he was holding to the floor angrily “ how could I not have noticed? No wonder she remained quiet all this time; I was going to ask her knowing how outspoken Priya is, but it skipped my mind!” he thought out loud. “find her!  Find her!” He yelled at the securities who were still standing beside him; the whole building was turned upside down.


“Ramon, you know what to do.” Angel said hurriedly over the headphone as she got her things together. “yes, we’re on our way to the room now, we’re almost there.” “Good! I will be joining you guys later but in case you didn’t see me, you guys can go ahead without me” “but angel,” “no buts! just do as I say!” she ordered. “ok” Ramon accepted as they hurriedly entered the room escaping through the hole in the ceiling. Angel was still putting her things together from the cabinet when a female officer came knocking at the door.


“who’s there?” the officer asked aloud.  Angel turned immediately then went and hid at the back of the door with the officer flinging the door open. Angel immediately placed a handkerchief over her nose, making her faint to the floor. “fool!” angel whispered kicking her legs to see if she wakes up. She immediately exchanges her wears with that of the officer placing the officer’s name tag perfectly on her breast pocket. She collected the officer’s face cap and wore it on her head. She off the mask that made her look exactly like the Indian president and wore it on the soldier lady; she hurriedly grabbed her purse from the cabinet, rushing out of the restroom when she mistakenly hit one of the soldiers who was also in search of angel.

“oh, lieutenant collins,” angel said with all smiles as she was smart enough to see the name tag on his uniform “have you seen her? I mean angel?” she asked looking serious with a little smile on her face. “I’ve searched everywhere including the female restroom but didn’t find anyone there.” Angel added hoping he buys her lies. “no, not yet, still looking around the area, hopefully, I’ll find her” the officer replied, extending his gaze to the name tag that was perfectly placed on angel’s breast pocket “I have to get going now the president must be waiting” the officer said in a low tone “oh, ok, I will just check the other side to see if I’ll find any trace of her” angel replied shaking her head “alright then” the officer said with angel walking slowly, away from his sight not wanting him to suspect anything. She hurriedly made her way to the secret room upon realizing the officer wasn’t looking anymore. She escaped through the hole in the ceiling as well.


[Ramon, Steve, and Marcos, already in the safe house]

“Do you think she will make it out of that place alive?” Marcos asked Ramon and Steve as they made their way inside the house.

“You guys must be really hungry and tired, come on over, I prepared something for us to eat.” Angel interrupted their conversation, placing the food on the table. Ramon, Steve and Marcos turned to look at one another, surprised. “come on over” Angel repeated with all smiles demonstrating with her hand. “Is that Angel?”  steve whispered to Ramon who just shook his head still surprised. “But we left…” steve said gesturing with his hand but was shut of words. “I can’t believe my eyes,” Marcos added shaking his head, confused. “me neither” Ramon seconded in a low tone, staring continuously at Angel. They slowly headed for the dining, Staring continuously at her to make sure she wasn’t a ghost. They sat down one after the other still refusing to take their eyes off her. “Can you guys quit staring at me in that manner? it’s annoying and it’s making me uncomfortable.” Angel cautioned politely. “can I hold your hand?” steve interrupted putting his hand forward. “Of course” Angel accepted sluggishly, placing her hand in his. “My God! You’re alive? For a while, I thought you were a ghost! I mean, considering how tight the security was, I thought it would be difficult for you to escape from their net.” “How then did you manage to get here before us ‘cause I remember us leaving you behind after waiting for about thirty minutes?” Ramon asked feeling relaxed this time. “let’s just say I know my way around the area, and I have my own ways of doing things.” Angel answered with all smiles as she ate her food.


[US Conference Hall]

[Richard standing forward; a little bit away from the meetings’ scene, waiting impatiently for feedback from his securities]

“She escaped your excellency” one of the securities gave his report. “That can’t be; everywhere has been secured already so how could she have escaped?” “we’ve searched everywhere but didn’t see any trace of her.” “ Just this simple task and all of you failed? Find her! I don’t care how just bring her to me dead or alive!” he yelled. “sir,” dave cut in  looking scared, “ I and my men have turned this building upside down but didn’t find any trace of her.”  “you are such a fool!” he yelled hitting dave hard on the face “you didn’t find her yet you had the guts to tell it to my face? you are supposed to be the leader of this team. Of what use are you to me and your country if you can’t complete a simple task? Get out of my sight all of you! You are all so disgusting; get out!” he yelled.

“your excellency, your excellency,” one of the securities interrupted, rushing towards Richard. “I saw a lady with an Indian attire lying unconscious on the floor in the female restroom. Her face fits the exact description of the Indian president. I’ve asked my men to bring her body over” “good!” Richard said relieved as he looked up to watch the securities place the body on the floor” “this isn’t her, there must be a mixup somewhere. The lady in question is not as fat as this” Richard said after inspecting the body. He bent towards the female officer then took a close look at her face “this looks more like a mask, it doesn’t fit perfectly on her.” he concluded after a series of inspections. “Take that off.”  He ordered, standing up. One of the securities immediately pulled the mask from her face “Grace?” Some of the securities who knew her exclaimed. “your excellency, she’s Grace Vanbeck; and she’s also one of us.”  “Grace Vanbeck?” lieutenant Collins whispered to himself as the name ringed a bell.  He immediately remembered he saw the same name on angel’s name tag earlier; he composed himself not wanting anybody to notice his change of mood. “how come… oh shit!” Richard snapped as he became weak this time not knowing what to do anymore; He off his glasses “take her to the hospital at once” he said in a low tone, tired. “There is something written on the mask sir,” the security holding the mask called the president’s attention  “what is it?” “ANGEL” “of course, it could only be him; I thought as much.” the president said, not surprised.

The other presidents just sat and watched from afar, amazed at how Angel outsmarted all of them. Richard walked back to his seat.

“if truly Angel was here earlier, then it means we won’t stick to that plan anymore,” the UK president said as Richard grabbed a seat. “I’ve had enough! I’ve had enough!!!” he yelled throwing every paper on the table to the floor. “I’m going to face this squarely; I’m not going to move a pin from the arsenal anymore,” he said in a harsh tone. “If he wants a fight, then let’s see who wins!” He continued fiercely this time.


“What was that?” Ramon asked startled as he heard every word Richard uttered. “wait, did you have a recording device installed in the conference room?” Ramon asked angel who just smiled at his question “of course, I did. What did you expect? that I walk away from the conference room, just like that? of course I needed to have a plan B, at least that way we won’t be left with nothing,” she said slowly in a defensive manner, gesturing with her shoulder still holding a fork in her hand  “It was only right that I planted some recording device in the room else we won’t get to hear the rest of the story.” She summarized .“ you really don’t cease to amaze me Angel.” Ramon said with all smiles, impressed. “you know, it’s always good to have a plan B most especially when you are not sure if plan A will come out just fine.” she said still eating her food. “I’m really pleased, I must say,” steve added excited at her brilliance; craving to learn more from her. “like seriously, I’m more than amazed right now. Who would have thought?” Marcos said astonished “I’m glad you came into our lives angel,” he added. “thank you, now, let’s eat up else our food gets cold.” she said with all smiles; with the dining remaining silent as they ate up their food.


“Excuse me sir,” lieutenant Collins said interrupting the president who was making his way out of the conference hall. “I have something important to tell you.” He continued. “I don’t have time for that right now.” The president snapped ignoring him as he walked out of his presence. “it’s about angel!” collins said aloud from behind. the president paused then turned slowly to look at him “and what, about angel?” he asked interested. Collins slowly drew close to him. “I think I’ve seen her,” Collins said, looking at him straight in the eyes. Richard stared at him, shut of words.

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