his only daughter episode 22
A Must Read Love Story

RECAP: “Excuse me sir,” Lieutenant Collins said interrupting the president who was making his way out of the conference hall. “I have something important to tell you.” He continued. “I don’t have time for that right now.” The president snapped ignoring him as he walked out of his presence. “It’s about angel!” Collins said aloud from behind. The president paused then turned slowly to look at him “and what about angel?” he asked interested. Collins slowly drew close to him. “I think I’ve seen her,” Collins said, looking at him straight in the eyes. Richard stared at him, short of words.


“You know, I don’t really have time for such cheap jokes. Where on earth did you get the idea that angel is a female?” the president asked upset. “I’m not really sure if it was angel I saw but I know for sure that I bumped into a lady who disguised herself as grace vanbeck. She had her uniform on and I remember seeing “grace vanbeck” written boldly on her name tag. With all due respect sir, this really calls for immediate attention because I’m sure she was also part of the plan or probably, she is ANGEL herself.” Collins whispered seriously this time “come with me.” the president said as he headed for his car with his bodyguards leading the way; Collins followed.


Other presidents started coming out as well with reporters approaching them wanting to know how the conference went.

“is it true that ANGEL attended the conference in disguise?” one of the reporters asked the Australian president who was struggling with the help of his guards to find his way out of the crowds of reporters. He eventually succeeded.


The conference meeting that was slated for today eventually got canceled as there were lots of mishaps that took place at the conference. Our correspondent has more to tell us. Over to you Ann,” the news anchor said staring at the screen where Ann is being shown live.

[Ann(a correspondent) Reporting live from the conference meeting centre]

 “Uhh…, yeah.” Ann said as she received the message on her end “over here, there is a little bit of chaos as The MYSTERIOUS ANGEL was able to find his way into the conference hall. He actually disguised himself as the Indian president which really surprised everyone. Right here, every president that attended the meeting is disappointed ‘cause the conference wasn’t successful after all. They were all hoping to view a new collection of ammunition and firearms that Mr president had promised to make available but was somewhat disappointed with the outcome of everything. Mr president on the other hand, left the conference without prior notice. It’s really one unfortunate day for all the presidents in attendance.” She finalized shaking her head. “ok, ann, thank you so much  for the updates” Graig said with the call coming to an end. “coming up next, is the entertainment news, stay tuned”

Rebecca(an American citizen and the mother of the child that aspires to be like Angel when he grows up) immediately changed the channel hoping to find more news on the burning issue then she came across a program on another channel.



I can imagine how the Australian president or German president or even the Canadian president is feeling right now at least it’s no new news that these countries are going through a lot right now and that they’re in dire need of these ammunition, it’s really a shame that everything ended this way” Sam concluded looking at Hillary. “ but the truth is, how was he able to get passed all the securities without any of them noticing? Like it’s really surprising. I still cannot put the pieces together” Hillary said amazed as he smiled at sam “well, I think this is something of huge concern because I don’t think “ANGEL” could have made it into that hall without an accomplice. Mr president should really look into it as they might have a traitor within, what do you think?” sam asked looking seriously at Hillary “yeah sure, I think you are right”  Hillary seconded “but do you think Mr president will have a change of heart by rescheduling the meeting? I mean these presidents need these ammunitions and firearms, I can imagine how they feel right now” Hillary continued. “ I don’t think so, well nothing can be said yet, who knows? He might come around, let’s just sit back and watch”  sam responded with a smile. “I think that’s all we can do for now right? Sit back and watch. Today is indeed a day to remember I can imagine how Mr president must be feeling right now, this no joke!” Hillary said smiling.  “ On this day newspaper, a kid said to his mum I will like to be like ANGEL when I grow up” Sam read out from the Newspaper then looked up at his partner. “Children are starting to find this really interesting as they think it’s some kind of superman or spiderman. this is no longer funny at all. Having our children emulate someone like angel? The world will be a living hell for all of us”  sam continued still looking at his partner in the studio. “you know, I noticed that too, but the truth is, parents should start to educate their children on this burning issue, they should let them know that ANGEL is no SUPERMAN OR SPIDERMAN that saves lives and looks out for the interest of others but rather, he endangers the life of the citizens of the country; he is a born criminal and should be put behind bars as soon as possible” Hillary gave his opinion  “yeah… it’s really so disturbing…” sam agreed, shaking his head “Alright!” sam said heaving a sigh of relief as he faced the screen. “So, that would be all for this program for today, we’ll make sure to keep you posted on this issue, I can’t wait to see how it all ends; thank you so much for watching, see you guys some other time, bye-bye.” The program ended.


“Mum, why did they say ANGEL is a bad person?” Rebecca’s seven years old kid asked her after listening to the news with her. “you heard what they said son, he’s a bad influence and shouldn’t be emulated” his mum said still trying to unpack some things she got from the grocery store “but he looks so much like BATMAN and BATMAN doesn’t harm people.” The kid defended in a low tone with care in his voice. “But he isn’t BATMAN my love,” his mum said slowly in a low tone,  leaving what she was doing to bend before her son this time, looking into his sad eyes. “really? he isn’t Batman? But I thought he was.” The kid replied, looking straight into his mum’s eyes, unhappy. “Nmm, nmm” his mum shook her head forcing a smile. “he isn’t BATMAN, he’s a criminal, and a bad one at that… Come here you bundle of joy,” his mum said taking him in her arms, smiling.


[White House, Washington]

“Welcome home honey,” Richard’s wife said collecting his briefcase from his bodyguard and placing it on the table. She drew close to him looking into those sad eyes of his, trying to unknot his tie. “I heard what happened” she whispered feeling sorry for her husband. “Everything will be ok, you just have to be strong.” She whispered again, trying to encourage her husband. Richard shook his head, agreeing with his wife. “Someone is waiting for me outside, I really need to be with him immediately, we have some very important issues to discuss” Richard eventually said. “alright, but you’ll have to take a shower first then you’ll have something to eat”  “ok” he replied smiling as he kissed her on her lips then slowly on her forehead.

[phone rings]

The president picked his call

“hello” “hello sir, I’m right outside.” Ben said over the phone. “just wait for me beside the pool, I’ll be joining you guys later”  “ok, sir” Ben hung up.

It wasn’t long before Richard joined collins and ben beside the pool. He grabbed a seat “good day sir” Ben and Collins chorused. “hmmm” the president replied shaking his head “I suppose, you know why I called? Ben?” he asked lighting his cigarette  “yeah” ben replied. “cause I’m sure it’s everywhere in the news by now” the president added. “yeah” ben repeated shaking his head “so, lieutenant Collins, tell him everything you know” “alright,” Collins said adjusting himself in his seat. He told Ben everything he knew. “Do you remember the exact face you saw, I mean can you sketch out her face” “yeah sure, I can” “ok, I’ll be right back” Ben said heading for his car. He returned with a sketch pad .“Sketch her face on this pad” he said showing the pad to Collins “alright” Collins collected the pad from him.

Collins took his time to sketch out ANGEL’S/DISGUISED INDIAN PRESIDENT’s supposed face.

“whew…” Collins heaved a sigh of relief as he finished the drawing” “this is all I can remember” he said handing the sketch pad to Ben” “I trust you will do a great job ben,” the president said looking at him“I’ll try my best sir, I’ll do everything in my power to track ANGEL DOWN” “thank you so much” the president said shaking hands with ben and then Collins. Ben and Collins left.


[The following day]

[San Francisco Hospital]

Theresa walked into the hospital, disguising herself as someone else. “Hi Mrs. Theresa” “shhh…, keep your voice down” she whispered placing her palm over the doctor’s mouth. she looked around then removed her palm, pulling him to a corner. “I need your help” she whispered. “and what could that be?” the doctor asked with Theresa looking round again to make sure no one was coming.“can we talk in your office? please?”  “Yeah, sure, why not?” the doctor replied confused as he led the way to his office. “after you.” he said upon opening the door. “Thanks.” Theresa said as she went in grabbing a seat with the doctor slamming the door behind him . “and… what is it you said I could help you with?” the doctor asked sitting down. “ I want you to delay the boy’s discharge” “what? Why?” the doctor asked surprised “it’s a long story doctor, not sure if you would understand. I will be so happy if you can do just this favour for me” she said holding the doctor’s hand, looking sad. “I’m so sorry Mrs. Theresa,” he said releasing his hand from hers, shaking his head “ I don’t think I can grant your request, that would be so unprofessional,” “I know doctor, but it’s really important to me, I just need some time with the boy, please.” She pleaded still looking somber. The doctor looked at her for a while “I was supposed to discharge him today and…” “please”  Theresa cut in gesturing with her hand. The doctor closed his eyes for a bit then opened them “ok, the least I can do for you is to extend his discharge date till tomorrow, I can’t extend it more than that” “thank you so much doctor, I’m really grateful” she said excited, then she paused for while “please doctor, there is one more favour I need to ask from you” “and what is it this time?” he asked like he’s fed up “can you please not disclose my identity to his father?” “I don’t understand” the doctor replied confused. “I don’t want the boy’s father knowing I saved his son’s life, I don’t want him to know I had anything to do with the child” she added “and why is that? You saved his son’s life right?” the doctor asked confused “yes I did, and I know he is supposed to be grateful to me for that but you wouldn’t want to know what he will do when he finds out I knew anything about what happened, you just do not want to know what he’s capable of doing doctor,” Theresa said shaking her head hoping he understands. The doctor stared at her wondering what the problem was. “Ok, if you say so, I will just keep your identity anonymous” he eventually accepted not wanting to press further  “thank you so much doctor, I really appreciate it” “it’s nothing” he replied smiling “can I see him now?” “ the father is around, guess you will want to wait a little while” “ok, I’ll just hang around, thanks once again doctor.” Theresa said standing up to leave when someone came knocking at the door.

 “doc, it’s me Magnus!” “what? Magnus?” she whispered in fear. “doctor please, I don’t want him to see me here” she pleaded hurriedly in a low tone. “doc,” mayor yelled from outside still knocking. “coming!” the doctor responded as he hurriedly hid Theresa in his inner office. He left for the door.

“what took you so long?” mayor asked as he entered the office staring round as if suspecting the doctor was hiding something. “have a seat please.” The doctor gestured “thanks,” mayor said sitting down. “when will my son be discharged?” “tomorrow or next” the doctor lied trying to favour Theresa. “but he’s perfectly fine now, why the delay?” mayor questioned confused. “ I need to be certain that he has fully recovered ‘cause I don’t want him facing some health complications immediately after he is discharged. I experienced that with one of my patients and I don’t want that repeating itself.” “oh… I see” mayor replied shaking his head like he understood. “ok, if you say so,” he said exhaling heavily “I’ll be on my way now, his friends are still with him in his room.” maybe you’ll check on him later?” “Yeah, sure, I’ll do just that; don’t worry” the doctor assured mayor.“ Thank you so much doctor”  he said giving him a handshake, grateful.

[Then something suddenly fell on the floor in the doctor’s inner office]

“what was that?” mayor asked startled.” “don’t worry, might be some books falling off the shelve”  the doctor replied. Theresa at that point, became very scared, hoping mayor doesn’t find her out. “are you sure you don’t need help?” mayor asked gazing at the direction the noise came from, wanting to help out. “yeah,  I’ll take care of it. Don’t worry.” “ok, if you say so, see you tomorrow then,” he said reaching for the door; the doctor followed. “Bye.” the doctor said slamming the door. “you can come out now.”  the doctor signaled as he made his way back to his seat.  “What happened in there, you almost got yourself into trouble” the doctor queried Theresa in a low tone, looking her straight in the eyes.“some books fell to the floor, I just couldn’t help but pick them up and I ended up making another one fall off. I’m truly sorry if I kinda inconvenienced you” “no, it’s ok, I was just concerned about you. Magnus is really a sensitive kind of person, at least from my observation,” He gestured. “You really have to be careful if what you said about Magnus is true.” He advised. “yeah, I will be and thanks for ruling in my favour. Words alone can’t express how grateful I am to you right now. Thank you so much.” “it’s nothing” the doctor said returning a smile as he rests his back on his seat.


“We are really sorry man that we couldn’t make it to this place yesterday .” “speak for yourself alone steve, ‘cause as far as I can remember Oscar and hector were here.” Max defended “alright, I know” steve accepted waving the issue away jokingly. “ yesterday was indeed an amazing day, a day I would never want to forget” he stressed, changing the topic “why? what happened?’” max asked, anxious. “you won’t believe it max, do you know that angel outsmarted the 20 presidents present at the conference meeting?” “how do you mean?” max asked wanting to know more “Can you believe she disguised herself as the Indian president and to top it all she talks like her? Everything happened so fast and I still cannot remember exactly everything that happened. We even left the premises before her and waited for her like 30 minutes extra or so before leaving; all for us to get home and find her serving food on the table; we were really startled, for a while we even thought she was a ghost. I must say, angel is indeed dangerous, like, I respect her so much.” Steve said, excited. Max frowned at everything he was saying not interested anymore. Steve noticed he wasn’t happy then he changed the topic immediately. “Oscar how about your girlfriend, I saw her with some dude last night, looks like she’s already getting bored with you,” max let out a smile looking at both of them as they mocked each other.

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