his only daughter episode
A Must Read Love Story

[San Francisco Hospital]

[Doctor’s Office]

[Phone rings]


The doctor picked his call.

“hello” “hello, who am I speaking with?” “it’s me, Magnus.” “oh, Magnus…” “I just called to tell you I won’t be able to make it tomorrow. So, I would be sending one of my son’s friends over to pick him up” “ok, that’s fine by me,” “Alright then, bye.” “bye” mayor hung up.


[Theresa knocks on max’s door]

“come on in” max said from inside still holding a magazine close to his face. Theresa slammed the door behind her staring continuously at max like she couldn’t believe she was close to him now and can say whatever she wants to him. Max slowly puts the magazine aside staring at Theresa wondering who she was. Theresa drew close to him staring at him with so much affection as her hand suddenly traveled on his face slowly, wanting to feel every detail of his face; max just stared, confused. He saw the tears that are now welled in her eyes as she struggled to get the right words out.“who are you? And why are you crying?” he asked in a low tone still staring at Theresa, confused. She slowly pulled her hand away sniffing in as she stared at him with intense affection looking sad, not knowing what to say. Max just stared at her expecting her to speak up.“is there anything you want me to help you with?” max finally broke the silence “no” she whispered shaking her head as she sniffed in again  “I, I…” she paused not sure if should reveal the truth to him yet “do I know you?” max asked under his breath, staring at her with care in his eyes. “you look… so much like my son. I lost him years ago” she eventually spoke up “I’m so sorry” Max whispered still staring at her with Theresa shaking her head. She tried to hold back the tears in her eyes “both of you just… have too many things in common. His eyes, his lips, his nose, his hair, you just look so much like him and I couldn’t help but remember…” she sniffed, rubbing the tears off her eyes with her finger then suddenly putting a smile on her face. “I’m so sorry.” she apologized cutting her explanation short as she smiled at max “I shouldn’t be bothering you with my problems.” She took a deep breath closing her eyes then opening it again “enough with the tragic story, let’s talk about you. How are you? How have you been?” she asked letting out a smile “I’m… fine” max replied slowly in a low tone still wondering why Theresa cared. “I’m sorry, I should have introduced my self earlier; my name is Theresa.” Theresa said bringing her hand forth to give him a handshake. “I actually brought you to the hospital on the day of your accident” she explained further upon noticing the confused look on max’s face. “you… you did?” max asked taking her handshake. “yeah,” she whispered as they released each other’s hand. “you were really drunk that night. You were going to hit my car when I dodged, guess I was lucky,” she smiled with max shaking his head like he realized. “I ended up calling the ambulance that eventually rushed you to the hospital. I would have waited for you to come around; I would have… stayed to help you get passed that phase but something came up and I had to leave.” she became very emotional with max watching her in silence not knowing what to say. “I’m sorry” she whispered looking straight into max’s eyes. “it’s ok” max replied in a low tone holding her hand. At that moment Theresa felt cold traveling down her spines she couldn’t believe she was close to her son now.“thank you so much, for everything” max said looking her straight in the eyes. Theresa smiled touching his face “thank you too for giving me a listening ear”.  “it’s nothing” Max smiled rubbing her palm with his hand as he suddenly felt comfortable around her. “can I… give you a hug?” Theresa asked with tears of joy, hoping he accepts.“yeah, sure” max said with all smiles. Theresa took him into her arms. “I waited so long for this day” she divulged unknowingly. “what did you say?” max freed himself from her hug “what I meant was… I waited so long to have that space in my heart filled. Ever since I lost my son, I haven’t found happiness, I felt so empty, I felt like a part of me left with him” she broke down in tears “it’s ok” max consoled taking her in his arms again. “thank you so much” She said in his arms, still in tears. He rubbed her back trying to console her. Theresa freed herself from his hug “have you had anything to eat? I brought you some food” she asked rubbing the tears off her eyes as she sniffed. “No. But…” “Please just try the food, you’re going to love it” Theresa cut in trying to convince him as she brought the food forward, hoping he doesn’t turn her down “ok, I’ll  give it a try” he said collecting the food from her “thank, you.” Theresa said, excited. Theresa hasn’t been this happy in a long time. She finally felt she’s complete and that all her dreams are coming true.

“You would be needing this,” she said, placing a fanciful tray hurriedly on his laps. “umm… and you need this one… and this one,” she said placing a cup, knife, fork and a plate on the tray, showing him how to set them properly. Theresa made sure she wasn’t leaving anything out of place, she wanted to please max in any way she could as she brought out everything max would be needing for his meal. Theresa hurriedly placed a serviette on the tray, pouring some water into the glass. Max just watched in silence as she hurriedly put everything in place. “don’t worry, I can do this” max interrupted holding her hand as she tries to serve his food on the plate” Theresa looked at him “I’m so sorry, I’m just not used to letting my son serve himself” “is that what it is?” max asked staring at her “I’m sorry if it makes you uncomfortable” Theresa apologized “don’t you think you are working yourself up? Like, you are stressing yourself a little bit too much?” “But I’m not complaining” she whispered “I don’t want you stressing yourself out” max insisted “can you let me do this? Just this once, please?” Theresa pleaded still holding a fork and a spoon in her hand. Max took a deep breath, giving in. Theresa continued to serve the food on his plate. “Here we go,” she said, excited as she carefully placed a dessert on his tray too. “I’m going to have this too?” max asked surprised “yes, you need to. After having your meal, you’ll have dessert, it very good for the system” Theresa advised, pointing out.  “alright” max said then started eating.

Max ate each spoon slowly, looking at Theresa. Theresa felt fulfilled at that moment, she couldn’t believe everything was happening, she felt like it’s a dream she never wants to wake up from. She just watched max in silence, smiling as he eats each spoon. “I’m full” max said wiping his mouth with a serviette “are you sure? I have more in my bag” “yeah, I’m sure. Thanks” max said smiling as she takes the tray off his laps. Max took a deep breath. “did you prepare this meal yourself?” max asked looking at her as he wondered “yes, why? you don’t like it?” Theresa asked scared he hated it. “of course not,” max laughed as he saw the look on her face. “it’s actually my favorite you know, and the taste is just out of this world, haven’t had such homemade meal in a long time” “really?” Theresa asked, pleased and relieved at the same time. “you don’t know what this means to me, thank you so much” Theresa said smiling as she rubbed his lap “no, you thank you. Thank you so much for this wonderful meal and for saving my life.” Max said, grateful. “anything thing for you… what’s the name?” she asked wanting to complete the sentence. “max”  max replied smiling as he shook his head “yeah; anything for you, max,” she said, smiling at him. “if you need anything, do not hesitate to call me” she said handing her card to him. “And if you have some time to spare you can come visit me at my place, the address is written there.” she said pointing at the spot on the card. Max paused for a while, staring at Theresa as she explained everything to him, still looking down at the card. He wondered why Theresa was giving him too many attention. Yes, he looks like her deceased son but isn’t the attention a little bit too much? He wondered “and… here…” Theresa said slowly, raising her head upon realizing max was staring at her and wasn’t listening. She slowly gave him a face gesture that meant to ask if there was a problem. “you know, I was just wondering why you care so much about me, you barely know me, yet you care” Theresa took a deep breath “like I said earlier, you look so much like my deceased son. You remind me so much of him. That was why when I saw you lying helpless in the ICU, I couldn’t help it, I felt like my son was going to die for the second time. I just can’t explain what I feel right now max, I just wish you would understand.” “it’s ok” max rubbed her hand “how I wish I could see you often and have chats that a mother would normally have with her son, how I wish it’s possible.” she said caught up in tears as her hand traveled again on his face “How about I visit you as often as I can? Even with my tight schedule?” max said with all smiles “what did you say?” Theresa asked in disbelief, “yes, you heard me, I’ll try my best. Even if I have a very busy schedule I’ll still make out time to come visit you” “thank you so much” Theresa said throwing her arms around him. Max started having some weird feelings he couldn’t explain; he suddenly felt she was important to him and only wants to do what makes her happy; he returned her hug.

“I’ll be on my way now” Theresa said as she freed herself slowly from his arms turning to pack her things in a hurry. “can’t you stay a little longer?” Max asked, sad “no, I can’t. I have things to attend to. We’ll be seeing each other right?” she asked turning to look at max, smiling. “sure” max replied watching Theresa as she returned to packing her stuff. “ok!” Theresa said holding her bag as she turned to face max, staring at him like she was going to miss him. “I have to go now,” she whispered smiling as she stared at those sad eyes of his. “please take good care of yourself ok? and stay out of trouble”  “sure, I will” max smiled as Theresa reminded him of his mother. “bye” Theresa pecked him then left in a hurry. “bye” he whispered, wondering what those weird feelings are as Theresa slammed the door behind her.



“You sounded so urgent over the phone” Alex said as he hurriedly grabbed a seat opposite Ben. “I need your help Lex,”  Ben replied placing his hand on the table, bringing his face forward. “You look worried, is there a problem?” “ You must have heard of this ANGEL that has been making life pretty difficult for the government for some time now” “Yeah, sure, who hasn’t heard? I mean, it’s everywhere in the news. Has he been caught?” Alex asked, curious. “caught you say? don’t make me laugh lex, The American army has practically turned the whole US upside down but didn’t see any trace of him. But the main problem is, I’ve been handed the project. The president personally called me to hand the project over, I don’t know what to do. He said his men weren’t capable.” Ben concluded. “Are you for real?” Alex asked with his brows deeply furrowed as he collected the sketch pad Ben was holding forward for him.“That’s the face of the lady that disguised herself as the Indian president” Ben explained. Alex stared at the image for a while “you know, I’ve been studying this Angel of a person for some time now. Are you even sure that this is his actual face or perhaps even if he had a third party involved, are you sure this is the actual face of the person? Because from my experience, a syndicate as professional as this one would never leave his face or that of his ally bare” he concluded looking up at ben with his brows still furrowed as he wondered “it’s 90% possible that this is a wasted sketch Ben,” He said returning the sketch pad to Ben. “But the president thinks it’s the actual face” “then you have to get another plan running” “that is why I came to you lex. You are more exposed and experienced when it comes to these things, you know better.” Ben said looking more worried this time. ”Ben, you know I have other things on my mind right now. I’m still yet to find anything that would lead me to my daughter and I’ve been working tirelessly putting every little piece I find together just to make sure I don’t leave anything out and here you are presenting this to me?” “Lex please,” ”I’m sorry, I can’t do this” Alex said shaking his head “But you are the only one that can help me right now. You’ve done this before and you know how these things work. Please Alex, I don’t want the president to think I’m incompetent for this job, he recently fired dave” ”what?” “yes, just this morning dave received a letter asking him to quit his office. My job is at stake here”. Alex took a deep breath staring at ben “I’ll think about it.” He said eventually “in the main time, just do a little bit of research about this ANGEL. I have to be on my way now” he said standing up “will give you a call when I change my mind.” “Alright, I will just do as you’ve said,” Ben replied in a low tone, disappointed “bye”  “bye” Ben muttered in a low tone still disappointed as he watched Alex leave.


[Steve drove into the safe house with max in his car]

“Max is back, Max is back” Hector alerted Oscar as he rushed down the stairs; Oscar followed. “Arrrh” Max groaned in pains as hector hugged him “welcome home man!” “Thank you” max replied forcing a smile as he struggled with his clutches looking round the house like he has missed so much. “So good to have you back Max,” Oscar added, excited as he flung his arms around max’s shoulders. “I can barely walk and you are adding your weight on mine?” “ You’re are supposed to be a man, come on!” Oscar joked “of course I’m a man, but for now can you at least get your arms off my shoulders?” Max asked politely dropping oscar’s arm “looks like our boss is in a bad mood” Oscar joked getting a bag from steve. “let me help you” hector offered, watching max as he walked; making sure he doesn’t slip.

Angel was in the living room reading a newspaper when max and the others came in.

“Welcome home, Max,” Angel said, raising her head to look at him as she forced a smile. Max looked at her then walked away ignoring her greetings. Others followed not wanting to intrude.

[pnone rings]

Angel picked her call

“is Max home yet?” Mayor asked over the phone “ yeah, he just got back with the help of steve” “Good, just wanted to make sure he’s home, safe and sound” “you can be sure of that dad, he’s super fine” angel assured “ok, when I get back, there’s something I would love us to discuss” “hope there is no problem dad?” angel asked concerned “no, it’s nothing to be worried about,  it’s just a little change as regards to our business.” “alright father, take care of yourself” “love you” “love you too dad, bye” “bye” mayor hung up.


“So, how was being stuck in that hospital bed like? I mean if I were in your shoes, I don’t think I would be able to survive it; being in the hospital and not being able to go out to do the normal things I would always do? That would have been a death sentence for me.” steve said joining Oscar and hector who are now sitting round max on his bed. “ I don’t think there’s any difference between being at the hospital and being at home most especially now that we have a devil in the house.” “I saw how you looked at angel back in the living room, I don’t know what’s up with you guys but believe me, I wouldn’t want to meddle” Hector gestured, giving his opinion “Max, Angel is a good person, you just don’t her” Oscar added “ you have to give her a break man, she’s not as bad as you think. I know how hard you worked to be in the position you once were but I don’t really see anything with that position. At least now, angel has to do the whole work, she has to answer to mayor when the need calls. If I were you I would be so happy because she has lifted a huge burden off my shoulders. At least with her as the head of the team, you will have little or nothing to worry about.” “Steve is right” hector confirmed, shaking his head.

[phone rings]

Steve hurriedly picked his call

“Hello,” “hello sir,” “who am I speaking with?” steve asked with the room falling silent as everyone wants to know who was on the phone. “I’m Paola, the lady that helped you with the information about your friend at the bar the other day” “oh! Paola,” Steve said upon realizing who she was. Steve immediately looked at max who returned his looks meaning to ask who the person on the phone was. “Told you I would call to see how he is faring” “ yeah you did,” Steve replied shaking his head as he let out a smile. “How is he? Did you find him?” “Yeah we did and it all thanks to you. Don’t know what we would have done without you Paola, thank you so much” “ its nothing,” Paola said smiling “ is he there, can I speak with him?” “Yeah, sure” steve said handing the phone over to max “who is it?” max asked placing his hand over the mouthpiece preventing Paola from hearing their conversation “the lady at the bar, she helped you the other night” “oh,” max said returning to his call. “hello” “hello” Paola gushed upon realizing the change of voice. “is that you sir?” she asked, excited. “yes, it’s me” Max finally let out a smile “heard what you did, thank you” max added, feeling comfortable  “it’s nothing” Paola replied feeling shy as she played with her hair “ tell me, where did you go the other night because your friends were really worried about you and they even said you left the house a long time ago” Max smiled as she was being a little bit bossy like she were his mum. “umm…”

[Angel knocks on the door]

“hold on” max said placing his hand over the mouthpiece of the phone “come on in” steve yelled “so sorry to disturb you guys, lunch is ready” angel said with max returning to his call, ignoring Angel’s presence. “Don’t worry Angel, we’ll be out in a few minutes, thanks” Steve whispered with angel sluggishly walking out of the room trying to grab a part of the conversation max was having with the waitress over the phone. She left eventually.

“I didn’t see you at the bar for some days, and I  was wondering what the problem was” Paola continued over the phone “that was because I had an accident” “what?” “yeah, and I almost died” “oh my God!” Paola gushed in fear letting go of her hair this time as she placed her hand over her mouth. “How are you now? Are you okay? Are you… are you injured” she babbled in fear “calm down Paola, I’m fine now, though I’m still learning to walk with my clutches,” “I just wish I can see you sir,” “maybe you’ll see me, sometime soon, hopefully,” he added as he shrugged, letting out a smile. “I have to go now” “so soon? We just started talking” Paola complained. “ you might get in trouble again. Remember what your boss did to you the last time?” max reminded “yea…h”  Paola replied sluggishly upon recollecting how her boss once embarrassed her when she stayed long on a call. “can I have your number at least?” Paola requested, acting like a baby. “ yeah sure, 0188894456” max called out his number with Paola grabbing a pen to put the number down.  “ok, thanks, I got it.” “ok, talk to you soon then,” “yeah, bye” she replied sluggishly in a low tone, disappointed. She hung up taking a deep breath, then went back inside the bar.

“wow! You have an admirer now? She’s cute though,” Steve mocked staring at max “do you mean the girl at the bar?” hector asked wanting to know more “yeah, the slim one” “that girl is the bomb, I’ve heard a lot about her. Believe me, she is the kind of girl every man would want for a wife” hector confirmed “what do you think max? don’t you think she’s your dream woman?” steve suggested “you know I don’t have time for these things” “of course I know, which is why I’m suggesting it to you now, max you need a break, who knows, it might help you get rid of that bitter feeling you have right inside of you” “I’m barely home and you are already matchmaking me with someone?” “because we want what’s best for you.” Oscar seconded “and you think having a woman by my side is the best option?” “yes max,” Oscar continued  “yes, having a woman to call your own completes you, it makes you hold, just look at me, very soon I will be a father” “what?” they all chorused, surprised “yes, Eve is pregnant” Oscar confirmed. “how come you never told us” steve demanded. “I was just trying to protect her and our unborn child and of course a lot has happened this past few days” “I understand.” max said shaking his head. “congratulations buddy, I’m so happy for you” hector said giving oscar a handshake “me too man,” Steve said this time giving him a handshake too . “congratulations, oscar,” max said giving him a hug as he taps him on the back. “though I don’t know who eve is but I believe she must be good for you to have fallen in love with her” max added, pulling from their hug “you can say that again man” steve seconded, smiling. “Thanks, all of you. The only challenge I’m faced with right now is her parents. They still don’t want me for their daughter and they once threatened to disown her if we got back together. Not sure how they will take the news now.” “They don’t have a choice now, do they? Their daughter is literally carrying your child.” Steve pointed out “The most important thing is that you two love each other. And nothing will be able to change that” he added “you’ll definitely come out strong, believe me” hector assured, shaking his head. “not even sure of what to say. I’m not the best person to give advice on these matters but all I can say is, follow your heart and you’ll be fine.” max said in a low tone, letting out a smile. “thank you so much, I’m so blessed to have you as my friends” Oscar said with all of them returning a smile.

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