A Must Read Love Story

[9 am]

[At the Bar]

Oscar walks in


“Hello, my love, sorry I’m late” He apologized, pecking eve on the cheek . “it’s ok” eve said to oscar who is now seated opposite her “are you ready?” “yeah” eve shakes her head, nervous. “have you had anything, you want water?”  “no, I’m fine you don’t need to worry” eve replied, forcing a smile. “ok, let’s go then,” he said standing up as he gave his hand for eve to follow. They walked for a while then eve drifted apart, pulling her hand away from his “what’s wrong” Oscar asked in a low tone, surprised “are you sure you want to do this? I’m scared” eve complained. “yes, I’m sure, they have to know that you are carrying my child, they have to hear it from us first” “aren’t you scared of dad, he might try to hurt you” “I thought we’ve talked about this?” “yes we have, but I’m scared of what dad might do to you” “or perhaps you are scared that he might disown you for real this time.” Oscar accused “I can take care of you eve,” he convinced further  “I know, but they are my family, I don’t want dad to get mad at me” “now what? Are you going to abort the baby?” Oscar asked with eve staring, not knowing what to say.


Angel knocks on max’s door but there was no response. She knocks again; there was still no response then she opened the door walking in to find max still fast asleep. She flung the curtains open; hoping the reflection of lights from the window will wake max up but still, there was no response from him. She thought he was trying to play a prank thereby annoying her. She angrily walked towards him on the bed, tapping him on the leg. But still, there was no response “I know you are awake and just trying to irritate me, so, quit it”  she said putting some pillows away. She turned again to find max still sleeping “max, max,” she taps him continuously on the leg; still, there was no response. Fear gripped her. She took a close look at him and found out he was shivering. she touched his forehead with her palm then discovered his temperature was high. She rushed out to get some water and a towel, she brought along with her some medicines. “max, max” max was shivering real bad this time. Steve walked in “what’s going on?” he asked rushing towards max “I don’t know, I think he has a fever” angel replied dipping the towel into the bucket of lukewarm water then pressing it on his forehead, face and neck. “is he going to be okay?” “yeah, when he takes his medicines he will be fine” angel assured with steve shaking his head in agreement “please there’s a food in the kitchen that I’ve dished out for him, kindly get it for me, thanks.” angel said with steve leaving in a hurry to get what she requested.

“Don’t worry you’ll be fine” angel assured as she suddenly felt compassion for Max. Steve hurried in with the food, handing it over to angel. He sat max up, resting him on his chest as he sat down while angel tries to feed him.

“I don’t want to eat anything from you” max rejected angel’s food pushing angel’s hand away. “max you have to eat something so you can have your medicines” angel advised “I don’t want to, get out of my room!” max ordered. “max please, you have to get well else boss will get mad again” steve pleaded “then get me another food from somewhere else, I can’t eat anything prepared by this woman” “I’m sorry max but you’ll have to eat this food whether you like it or not.” Steve scolded, standing up as he rests max’s back on the pillow, still sitting him up. “Steve please” max pleaded, looking up at steve who was now standing beside him on the bed. “I’m sorry max, I can’t help you at this point. Mayor asked her to take care of you so deal with it. I’m outta here” steve said, bouncing off the room. “steve, steve,” max called out with no response from him. “here” angel said, stretching her hand again to feed max but he hits the spoon away making some food particles fall to the ground. Angel looked at him, boiling with anger “get out of my room” max insisted, still feeling dizzy “get out of my room!” he yelled this time with angel hitting him hard on the face. “the earlier you sit up the better for you! For crying out loud max, you are too old for all this act you are putting up. Why do you always make things difficult?” angel got mad. “did you just hit me?” “yes, and I will do it over and over if you keep acting like a child. Here” she said, stretching her hand to feed him again. Consumed with anger, but knew he wasn’t fit to put up a fight, he reluctantly accepted the food.

Angel puts the food away after making sure max ate enough. She brought out his medicines, puts some in his palm then handed him a glass of water. Max drank the medicines handing the cup back to her. Angel puts the cup away, then drew close to him.” Lie down” she said politely, helping him lie back on the bed, covering his body properly with a duvet. She stood for a while making sure max goes back to sleep; she left.


“Oscar, you have to understand…” eve said wearing back her bag that seemed to be falling off her shoulder, looking sorry. “I’m really in a tight corner here, I need some time to…. to think about this” she continued in a low tone” “what?” Oscar said in disbelief, looking disappointed as he let go of her, still staring at her. Eve grabbed back his hand looking him straight in the eyes “I really have to be sure that this is what I want, I have to be prepared for what’s ahead of us and…” “it’s fine” Oscar interrupted forcing his hand away from hers as he shook his head “I should have known earlier you weren’t prepared to leave your paradise for me. Goodbye eve,” “Oscar, Oscar, Oscar” eve called out as he walked away, angry.



[Mayor’s safe house]

[background song playing: Every little thing by dishwalla]

 Oscar was at the house bar getting himself drunk, thinking about what eve said to him earlier. With the background song still playing; eve was at the balcony, at her father’s house; lost in thoughts, sad.

 “I have to think about this first, I’m really in a tight corner here, I need some time to…. to think about this” “what?” “I really have to be sure that this is what I want, I have to be prepared for what’s ahead of us and…”  eve’s words kept echoing in oscar’s head “no!!!!” he screamed throwing the glass to the floor with the background song fading away this time. “I love you so much eve, please don’t leave me” he broke down in tears. “don’t abort our child please.” He sobbed, placing his head on the table. “what’s wrong?” Max asked as he walked in with his clutches.  “are you ok?” he asked pulling oscar by the shoulder “My God, you are crying? What’s wrong?” Max asked, concerned as he sat on a stool. “she left me” Oscar replied looking up at max “she left you? Who?” “eve, she doubts the love she has for me and … she might abort our baby” Oscar explained all teary “what?” max exclaimed in a low tone, surprised as he took him into his arms. “It’s ok” max consoled, rubbing his back.


Eve was still standing at the balcony staring at the moon, trying to catch some breath.

“honey, what  are you doing out alone?” “oh, mum,” she flinched, turning to face her mum who was standing behind her. “just trying to get some fresh air” she explained, returning a smile. “it’s already 11 pm, you have to go to bed” “I know mum, just needed some time alone.” she said with pleading eyes “is everything ok?” “sure mum” eve assured. “ok, just make sure to come inside before 12” her mum said, turning to leave “I will mum” “and don’t forget to take your milk,” her mum shouted still on her way this time, “I won’t mum, thanks” eve shouted to her mum from behind, still looking at her making sure she left already, smiling.

She turned to face the balcony, staring back at the moon, wondering what Oscar could be up to.


“get off the car!” A set of thieves yelled pointing a gun at a woman and her son who was caught up in traffic “please don’t kill us, I’ll give you whatever you want, just don’t hurt me and my son”  “I said get off the damn car!” the leader of the thieves ordered. Bending towards the window of the car, he dipped his hand inside to unlock the door. The woman shivered in fear with her son letting out a loud cry. “what are you doing?” a voice from behind interrupted with the rest of the thieves running away in fear. The leader of the thieves paused for a while getting ready to attack the intruder. He smiled to himself, still pointing a gun at the woman and her son. “I have told these bunch of idiots countless times never to intrude in my business, I have warned the police, the army, the FBI and so long as I can remember, they’ve managed to stay clear my path but it seems there is someone out there who likes to play dirty. ok!”  He said raising his head from the window, wearing his gloves properly. “Le…t’s pla…y “ he said, turning to see who it was  “ANGEL?” He panicked upon recognizing who she/he was. Before he could utter any word, angel hits him hard on the face with the man falling to the floor  “that, is for making the kid cry “and this” she said hitting him again. “is for making the lady shiver. Asshole,” the man took to his heels without looking back. “mum look!  it’s angel, I told you he is like batman, he saved us!” the kid said, excited. “Angel, can I get your autograph?”  Angel turned to look at the kid, grabbing her bags of guns from the floor. “maybe some other time, baby,” she said smiling as she paced real fast this time with the kid returning a smile. “thank you angel,” the mother said still trying to recover from shock as she confirmed angel doesn’t seem to be a bad person after all.


[max, hector and steve in oscar’s room, making sure he goes to sleep and doesn’t do anything stupid]

“This must be really hard for him” max said feeling sorry for oscar “yes it sure is, I can imagine what he is going through right now, knowing there is every chance that the woman you love will abort your unborn child” steve said placing his hand on max’s shoulder who seemed more affected than they were “and to top it all, might not want face the world with you” hector added with all of them wearing a sad look on their faces.


Angel returned from her operation still wearing her costume. She rushed into her room to change into something different then hurried upstairs to check up on max. she slowly opened the door not wanting to wake him up. She walked in, finding max fast asleep then she pulled the duvet over him, making sure he doesn’t catch a cold. She looked at him for a while making sure everything was perfect; she left.

Max woke up upon realizing Angel was no longer in the room. He grabbed his phone.

“hi” a message from Paola got in “hi” he responded. “you’ve not slept yet?” “nmmm nmmm, can’t seem to catch some sleep.” “same here” Paola responded. “hmmm” “what will you be doing for the weekend?” Paola asked, curious “nothing, can’t go out yet” “I can help you if you want,” Paola offered.“really?” “Yeah, sure” “oh, it just crossed my mind. There is this place I would love to visit but I don’t want my friends to know about it. Can you help me with that?” “wow…” Paola felt honoured and was excited “yes, yes, yes” “ok, I will find the perfect time when no one seems to be home then you’ll come pick me up. Is that ok with you?” “Perfect! I’ll be waiting for your call.” “Alright, goodnight” “goodnight” Paola replied placing the phone close to her chest, excited about what awaits her and max.

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